March news

March has been very full of rehearsing Debussy for the Earth Day concert, as well as sending off the master mixes of Deep to Jim Wilson. Turns out there's a snafu regarding some of the samples from Vital Sounds used for the long oceanic piece, though. Plans for releases are on hold till I get out to SF in April. I'll confer with my old producing compadre Paul Vazquez on how to proceed. He already suggested a great order and choice of material for the Shining Mountain collection - which I still have to put out as well. Then again the new material (MVS and the concert stuff I'm working up with Emily) is sounding very good and my hand is pretty much back to a good playing standard, so there's definitely some choices to be made.

But those are good problems! If you look at the 'Buy' section you'll find that you can now use Paypal to buy CDs directly from the artist! (Paypal is still a middleman but they take out far less than anyone else). If you wish your music dollars to support future music creation, this is definitely the preferred and safe method!

Also United has added 'The Hidden Face of Eva' to their inflight music so listen for Catalin and I when you're in the air!