More Radio Play

Just a shout to say thanks to Kitty and Creek at Iridium Radio (KZYX & Z - Mendocino, CA) and Scott Raymond's Secret Music (WVKR - upstate NY - Top 20 picks for 12/05) for adding "Airlock" to their playlists. To reference Dave O's (Brack) post, of the tracks on "Airlock", track 4 (Radiant) is Moog synth, "EVA" is, of course, processed Steinway piano, and Track 11 (Far Fleet) is piano, moog, and guitar. All the rest are solo electric guitar except tracks 5 and 12 which have two guitar tracks. Also, thanks to all the people (I see you Netherlands!) who are downloading "Storming Heaven" - should it be included on the next album? Props to the folks who're downloading the whole album on itunes as well. Cheers, Chris