Omnia - CD

Lovely album I did with Matt Labarge and his Larkenlyre project - released late 2017!

Grand Transients - CD

One of my favorite Chrys albums!

These organic instrumentals meld down-tempo electronic melodies, textured guitars, and earthy brass into modern, moody atmospheres. With this singular musical vocabulary, Spark the Future forges an identity for Grand Transients, a collaboration founded on the long-standing musical friendship between sound designer/synthesist Michael Ver Steegt and guitarist Chrys Bocast, the principal songwriters, with the fresh addition of Matt Covert, a talented young saxophonist who has performed with Chrys in concert. Fans of Chrys’ previous music will recognize her signature e-bow melodies and rich tones, contrasted with Michael’s nuanced piano and synthesizer timbres, all energized by Matt’s fluid playing. With a few sonic nods to shared influences and novel tonalities, Grand Transients set a new course for visionary music…

Through the Airlock - CD

full-length CD with beautiful artwork - a fan favorite! This has remained my most popular recording, despite it being the most abstract... I love my audience!

Stratagem - CD

An intriguing international collaboration between ambient guitarist and producer Chris Bocast and Romanian electronica percussionist Catalin Pintea (MJCatalin). Lush ambient layers melt into driving electric beats with signature melodies and sweeping guitars. A work at the forefront of global possibilities.!

Intrinsic - EP

Classical music - four songs that represent the roots of ambient music (at least to me). I especially like the Debussy piece and hope all my music fans enjoy this particular excursion.

Tokyo Vogue - Synthetic Bliss - CD

the definitive, newly remastered, collectors' edition from the legendary band of the 80s! If you've ever heard Tokyo Vogue while wandering the supermarket aisles (I have a few times!) or simply wondered about Chrys' New Wave roots - here you must go!

Album and individual downloads

Albums and individual songs can also be purchased separately at iTunes!!

Divergent Arts Limited

audiobooks and sundry, all with music produced by yours truly...