Snowed in at the studio

We've done some tracking for the new Stomping' George opus, and the band tried out a couple of the new ones on our KCOM broadcast. I've been involved in some rather prosaic studio-type stuff such as chasing down 60 Hz ground buzz, replacing the TC Electronics D2, and refurbishing the Marshall with electrolytic capacitors and new tubes and lalala. I do most all of my electronics work so I guess it's just part of the mantra. For the deep ambient work, I do like the "wet-dry-wet" approach of three amplifiers, and just using two amps can introduce head-scratching ground loops, so that rather tedious task must be done. I almost always use amps when recording; going direct just doesn't breathe well to my ear when tracking or listening back. I do think it contributes to a distinctive tone when all is said and done. I mostly use good old Shure 57s, but I frequently mix in some of my other pricey mics to get the sound I'm after. Making a good recording is a lot of hard work, but it's good fun too, so I really appreciate all the folks who listen to my music!

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