Artists and lovers will always disregard borders, and Stratagem, from American ambient producer and guitarist Chrys Bocast and Romanian percussionist and sound designer Catalin Pintea (MJCatalin), is an intriguing demonstration of the possibilities available to today's musicians willing to exploit the information revolution. Catalin initiated contact with Chrys in 2006 through, one of many musician-oriented sites on the web, expressing interest in her solo work. After listening to Catalin's music, Chrys suggested collaborating. The results were so promising in their approach to texture and space that a professional release was deemed necessary. For the next year or two, tracks were traded back and forth from Bucharest, Romania, where Catalin lives, to the high country of Colorado, where Chrys was busy with music production work. Eventually they crafted a masterwork of sonic energy and creativity, combining ambient guitar with Euro-beats in a unique collection of compelling instrumentals. As both Chrys and Catalin are accomplished players as well as skilled recording artists, Stratagem consistently evokes an organic sensibility that can often be elusive in electronic music, and does so in a memorable and melodic way. All parts are performed by the artists, with the exception of “Detector", where guest star Dave Shul (formerly guitarist for San Francisco's Michael Franti and Spearhead, and now playing with all sorts of top acts in the San Francisco Bay Area) provides some driving guitar in his own signature style.