New Tokyo Vogue single in "Recordings"!! 

I did a full restoration and remaster of "Dangerous Toys" this summer - the track is CD quality with slamming levels, so it should shred your speakers and shiver your spine!


Gems from the vault... 

Yup, dug into the Tokyo Vogue vault and will have a new, previously unreleased song available quite soon - right here on my site first, and then I'll put it out into the Matrix of the streaming services. Been communicating with Jay and Eamonn from TV, and we'll be working on some more tunes we've been able to save, due to some fancy audio tools I have. Perhaps we'll have enough to make another CD...

I've also completely refurbished the Moog and the Marshall, cleaned up a bunch of gear, upgraded my studio…

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Gearing up for summer! 

After the grueling work of transcribing and recording Tchaikovsky, I did a few more traditional pieces, but I need a musical break from the tried and true. I'll be setting up the ambient gear to do some sonic exploration and reviewing what I got done last summer, with the hopes of getting the long-promised solo ambient album completed.

Buried in the studio 

I've been a bit neglectful of the updates - my website was transferred to a new host in January and I've had to repair my site slowly while I focus on recording. The upside is I should be able to sell my music directly now - I just have to make the time to figure it out properly.

I've been saddened by the shutdown's effect on live music - for me and everyone else. Not much we can do but wait though.

2020 - The Year of Perfect Hindsight 

I am back recording after an unreasonably long recovery from last summer's medical interventions... however, I have some great new tools and have also dusted off some great old toys to push forward. I have two separate solo works at varying levels of progress - one is fairly far along, and the other will involve a lot of experimentation and new guitar sound designs. I hope this will be worth the wait for everyone.:)

Free downloads for Christmas 2019! 

At the suggestion of my old compadre Rob, I've put together a whole album of Christmas music over the last month and I've put a few of the tracks up for download. Many were reworked, Izotoped, and remastered from tracks I had before, but I did a few new ones too. It was a great way to bust out of the creative doldrums I mentioned previously. Things came out so well that I've decided to give it the full professional release next year, but for now, I shall share a few for fans and friends...

I have created an epic... 

I wish I could report a finished album, but Chryssie really had the wind taken out of her creative sails with surgeries, recoveries, anemia, and then a broken left foot. I'm usually brimming with verve and always working on something; I've rarely had to deal with an extended stretch of near-zero creative energy. (!?! - I know, it's just not my year.) I've tried to read a lot of new science fiction in the meantime, at least, to get my mental state in the right place. However...

I have done some polishing…

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mid-summer update 

I've finished the first round of recordings for the next solo album, and am editing the best takes right now. I had an interruption while I underwent major surgery, so I'm bloodied but unbowed! I've thrown a free download of 'Amarna' (off the Stratagem record) in the Music section, so there's a new bonus track for my summer visitors. Remember to request me on your favorite streaming services!! xox

Summer news 

I'm finished with the recordings for Stomping' George, and am taking a brief hiatus from live performance to focus on my long-overdue next solo album. The stars have aligned to give me some quiet and space, and I intend to use it!!

Snowed in at the studio 

We've done some tracking for the new Stomping' George opus, and the band tried out a couple of the new ones on our KCOM broadcast. I've been involved in some rather prosaic studio-type stuff such as chasing down 60 Hz ground buzz, replacing the TC Electronics D2, and refurbishing the Marshall with electrolytic capacitors and new tubes and lalala. I do most all of my electronics work so I guess it's just part of the mantra. For the deep ambient work, I do like the "wet-dry-wet" approach of three amplifiers…

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