I have created an epic...

I wish I could report a finished album, but Chryssie really had the wind taken out of her creative sails with surgeries, recoveries, anemia, and then a broken left foot. I'm usually brimming with verve and always working on something; I've rarely had to deal with an extended stretch of near-zero creative energy. (!?! - I know, it's just not my year.) I've tried to read a lot of new science fiction in the meantime, at least, to get my mental state in the right place. However...

I have done some polishing up on a very atmospheric new piece, and I think it's reaching its final parameters, but holy album sides, it's pushing 17 minutes long! I've done a few tracks over ten minutes in the past, but it always takes me a little bit of review to convince myself that the length is necessary. One doesn't want to be indulgent, but sometimes the way the ambient flows, it just sets its own pace and cannot be swayed.

I have another promising piece that keeps to that same ethos, and is quite lengthy. The hard part with this one is it is so mesmerizing, it's actually difficult to proof-listen to the different takes! I believe this is a good thing though; I tend to work with a particular tone and try to get the playing just right, and then capture a few good performances. I do minimal editing on my ambient stuff, and much of it consists of whole takes. I do occasionally double a part if it turns out there are a few notes that absolutely must be there for the piece to work.

I do hope to get back to live performance soon too; I miss the live gigs! Anyway take care and have a scary Halloween!! xox

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