From the recording Spark the Future

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This was the song that started it all. I had done the basics with Michael, and I invited Matt over for what I anticipated to be a few hours of recording. It was a lovely June day; I ran over to the market to pick up a six-pack of Raging Bitch (very high-octane beer) and was all set to go. Matt got there mid-afternoon and nailed the solo in one take. We did a couple more passes just for safety's sake and hey - we were done quite early! As I lived right on Lake Mendota at the time, we strolled out to the lawn and finished off our beer, feeling good about ourselves and the world on a sunny afternoon… we got a bit tanked and silly, and then the weather clouded over and the skies turned green - tornado weather!! But the Solstice Sea can really be any body of water dreaming in the light, and optimally paired with frosty adult beverages! Feel free to test this theory yourself.