The core 12-string and Moog track of “We Three Kings” I’ve had in the can for a while; due to Covid-enforced isolation I had the time to perfect some mystical sound design for the chords, add a bass line, and fly in a lead guitar track that verges on becoming some other-worldly angelic voice at points. It’s the version I’ve always wanted to hear!

This is a CD-quality audio download of the radio release available exclusively here; the track can be streamed on all the usual platforms beginning December 7.

We Three Kings of Orient Are

Chrys Bocast

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The definitive single version, mastered for radio! I stumbled upon an intriguing "smear" type of effect for the 12-string chords when I was cleaning up a couple of finger-squeaks with Izotope RX. The lead guitar track is very expressive to my ears...

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